Monday, October 27, 2008

Way to go Zach!

At Willow Springs Elementary they give out a Wildcat award.   It is very prestigious award.   Each teacher only gives out 2 for the whole school year.   Last year Zachary, Whitney and Micah where all awarded wildcats.  We are so proud of all of them.  This last month  Zach was awarded the Wildcat award again for this year.  Way to go Zach we are so excited for you!  Zach is a great kid.  He does great in school and he is always a good friend and a teachers dream.   Not realizing that he won't be in school or at Willow Springs forever,  Zach said that his goal is to turn 40 years old and to have 40 wildcat awards hanging on his wall.  Keep up the good work buddy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Stranded at the drive Inn

Whitney and cousin Isabelle with the primo spot 
Just hanging with the boys
Waiting for the movie to start
Zach and cousins Justin and Seth Fishing in Idaho
Playing on the beach
Mack's Inn Idaho Whitney, Isaac and Micah
Micah loved fishing everyday off the dock
Teach them to fish and they'll eat for a lifetime

Whitney and her two cute cousins Rachael and Isabel at Mack's Inn
What cute boys! Joshua and Isaac

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Isaac on the fishing boat at Mack's Inn 
The whole fam at Old Faithful - I'm not looking so hot here
All the boys and big cousin Seth at Yellowstone
My tweens (above) and my white little babies (below) at the draper days parade

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Draper Days Parade with friends and family
Nothing like baseball season to start up the summer
A day of play at Boondock's 
Anyone for some golf?
4th of July neighborhood parade
Hanging out at Silver Flat resevoir
Fishing at the Cabin

Summer came and went so fast.  Just a few weeks ago we were swimming in the pool and enjoying the warm summer evening at football practice.  But I guess winter and the holidays will just bring more happy memories.  And the anticipation of summer of 2009 will just us something to look forward to.  So here's to the memories we made in the summer of 2008.

Happy Birthday Kona Coconut!

Sunday was Joshua's 7th birthday.  We have decided to go to Lagoon this Saturday with the Larson's for his birthday party so we just had a little family party for him on Sunday.  We had cake, we sang and watched Ironman in the theatre.  Josh is such a great kid.  He is always the one that helps me clean and organize.  One day when we were bustling around cleaning the house and Mike was fixing some things, Josh said with that big beautiful smile "this is the best day of my life!".
Josh also has such a cute little sense of humor he always has me laughing.  Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  I love you.

Let's hear it for the boys!

Weekends for the Wilson's means sports.  All kinds of sports.  Friday night Zach had a soccer game and he played AWESOME!  as usual.  He made 2 goals for his team.

  On Saturday morning Zach and Mike of course had a football game.  They won 38-0. Zach had a great game he made 2 TD's, threw another pass for a TD and he caught an interception.  He is having so much fun with his dad as the coach.  They will usually stay at the park all day on Saturday and watch game after games.   I'm sad that I wasn't able to get any action shots because it was freezing outside so I had to watch the game from the car to keep my babies warm.  But this is a picture of the boys after the game.  WAY TO GO JORDAN GOLD!!

After Zach's game we headed over for my handsome little Joshua's last Flag football game.  What a game!  It was freezing and raining and Josh still managed to pull 2 flags for his team.  He pulled 3 at Wednesday's game and he is having a blast playing with his buddies Dallin and Jackson.  

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mother, Wife, chauffeur, Photographer??

I am so excited!  I was freaking out watching Sophia grow by the day.  I started looking online for a photographer and I thought I can do this.  So I set up a little photo studio in my basement and Soph and I had a 4 hour photo shoot.  I had to nurse between each new set up.  But I was surprisingly happy with the results.  Maybe not quite as good as a real professional but not bad a an amateur.

Go UTES! Can you say 6-0

How about those Utes!   About 5 years ago I bought Mike 4 season tickets to the Ute Football games.  They are on the 45 yard line 2nd row.  I know I'm a pretty good wife.  Anyway unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the game last night because Mike thought it would be too loud for Sophie.  I think he wanted to be surrounded by testosterone.   So I watched the game from the comfort of my bed with my princess.   But WHAT A GAME!! Go Utes way to hold on to it.  And an extra big shout out to King Louie who kicked in a field goal in the last second of the game to win it for the Utes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What? Still celebrating?

One of several darling outfits for Sophia
The guest of honor wearing Whitney's dress
Jen, Bailey and Kelsey the party planners
Cutest cake!
Whitney's dance friends

I have this great friend named Jen.   I love her because she makes me not feel so crazy.  She does all the crazy things I do for my kids but I think she does a little more.  She is always doing so many great things for other people.   So of course with all she has going on she still finds the time and energy to have a fun little dance shower for me and Sophia.   One of Whitney's dance teachers, Kelsey also planned the shower with Jen.  They are so sweet to think of us.

It was at the studio on Thursday night after dance.  All of Whitney's friends were there and all the fun dance moms that we live with during competition season.  Again so many fun gifts and the cutest girly clothes.  Thanks for a fun night girls!

Celebrating Sophie

Tracy and Becky Hang loose!
Letti and Chelle love ya girls!
Cousin Cindy and Niece Hilary - looking hot ladies.
Me and Char - I wish I had her cute bod.
Lookin' good girls - Jen, Candace and Megan
The hostess with the Mostess and Me
All the girls - There are 4 babies in this picture 3 are still in tummies.
Me, Soph and Lize
We (me and Soph) had the greatest week!  We have been blessed with such great friends and such an amazing family.  My so cute cousin and very good friend Lori had a fun shower for us on Wednesday.  She makes the best party food ever.  We had the yummiest salads and deserts.  One of my BFF's Liza and my fun friend and neighbor Kelly helped make the shower amazing!  

You can always tell who your true friends are.  They are the ones that cry with you during the bad times and they celebrate with you during the good times.  I have so many great friends and they were all there to celebrate my sweet little girl.  They all know how long I have waited for another princess.    Here are some pics of our fun night.