Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend means Football!

In this oh so exciting photo my little man Zach ran it in for a TD!! 
He almost....
He almost...
He almost gets him but Zach gets away!
Just a little insight in case you aren't aware that the men in my life are football FREAKS!! Zach is the quarterback for his little gremlin team and Mike is his coach. Last year they ended the season with a 14-0 record. We went to Las Vegas over Thanksgiving Weekend and they took Nationals, it was a very exciting year for everyone. Mike is a great coach, all the boys love him.

This year there is a little more pressure because Zach is on the "A" team and there is alot more expected, but he is doing great! This weekend they played Alta and we won 14-6. It was a little tense at times but they held on to it in the end. Which brings their record this year to 4-0.

Then we headed out for Joshua's flag football game.  Josh is going to be the one that follows in his big daddy's footsteps as a lineman.  So flag football doesn't really show what he does best-- knock kids down!  In my rush to get to the game I left the camera in the car so I will post some pics of Josh on Wed after his next game.

So far Sophie is doing great and fitting in just great!  All of her big brothers adore her maybe a little too much.  I keep telling them not to touch her little princess hands with their dirty little boy hands but if I turn my head for a second I catch them trying to kiss her right on the lips!  I told them only mommy gets to do that but they can't help it.

Stay tuned for her 10 day old photo shoot!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sophie's first day home

Big brother love Sophie so much
I am having way too much fun.
She travels in style

You can't tell I'm excited to have a girl can you?
Our first family photo
Grandma and Grandpa with their newest grandchild
My cute friends Kelly and Tracy came to see us at the hospital
Auntie Julie is always there for me

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Me and my girls
Dr. Daddy and his new little princess 
Waiting for baby!
I'm so glad everyone could share this special day with us.

All the boys watching the first bath.  They are so excited about our new princess.

Whitney and her new little sister.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I finally did it!

Hello family and friends!  Well I have tried to start a blog, with the support of my darling niece Ashley for over a year.   For those of you that know me,  you know that I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter named Whitney.  Then I have 4 of the most handsome, most sensitive little boys Zachary 8, Joshua 6, Micah 4 and Isaac 2.  

It was a huge decision for us whether or not to go for number 6.  First of all I had to make sure that I was going to be fine with 5 boys.  Then I left it in the lord's hands.  I told him that he had 2 months.  If we were suppose to have one more then he better make it quick.  Well I was pregnant by the next month.  
Well guess what??  We were able to pull it off!  Which bring me to the main reason that I was able to get my blog put together.  I couldn't wait to introduce the world to my beautiful little princess.  Sophia Rose Mineki Wilson was born Saturday September 13,2008 at 1:13pm.  She was 7 lbs 13 ounces and 20 inches long.  Just like the rest of my babies she has the cutest little round face and luscious lips.  My husband, Mike is from Hawaii so we have decided to give each of our children a second middle Hawaiian name.  The kids think it is so unique and fun they love it.  We named Sophia Mineki which means Mindy in Hawaiian which is Mike's little sister that past away from a brain tumor when she was 9 years old. 

My labor went great! Mike is the coach of Zachary's football team and they had a game Saturday morning.  So my Dr. wouldn't break my water until his game was over.  Once he broke my water she was here in about 2 hours.  
It was such a special day.  My mom was suppose to go the our family ranch but because Sophia decided that she didn't want to come out, my mom had decided to stay for the birth.  She was so great.  She was there all day with me and she even brought me back Cheesecake Factory for dinner!  I was so glad she was there.  My sister Pam was also suppose to leave the day before and she stayed for Sophie's debut.  She was  in Salt Lake my last week and she was amazing!  She brought me treats everyday, she brought me yummy food and walked with me everyday at the park.  Yes, I walked abut 10 miles trying to get Sophie here early.  Mike and I made the decision that it would be special for Whitney and Zachary to be in the room when Sophie was born.  Don't worry they didn't see any crotch shots.  They just stood back by head and it was so fun to hear them giggle and get so excited when they heard her cry.  Whitney also stayed the night with me at the hospital.  Besides her hogging my little princess and eating my cheesecake it was the most precious time with my little girls that I will never forget. 

Mike was able to deliver Sophie (he delivered Isaac also) of course he couldn't pass up an opportunity to tease me.  He looked at me with a totally straight face and told me she was a boy!  That's so Mike. Compared to the way that I felt the last 2 months, I feel amazing!  Besides my porn boobs, trying to regulate my milk and needing to lose 70 lbs all is good and my baby girl is worth it all.  

I am so lucky to have such great friends and family. My cute Neighbor Shaunly brought me Sonic crunchy ice (my pregnancy obsession) every week and she took my crazy little boys on many occassions.   My darling neighbors Kelly, Tracy Debbie and Letti that fed my little family when I didn't think I was going to make it.  My amazing sister Julie lives in Orderville and has driven 5 hours up here every time I have a baby including this one.  She came to see my little sweetie and we ate nachos and talked until 1 am.  My cute cousin Lori is having a fun shower for me.  She is so sweet to think of me. We have had 4 of our kids together.  It was always so fun to talk everyday about how miserable we were, how much weight we had gained and how we were going to get the babies here early.  I really missed having her pregnant with me this time but she was still such a huge support the whole 9 months.  

 And let's not forget my cute husband who gave me this beautiful gift.  He stayed home from work for 2 days after I got home to help me.  I love you baby.  I just want to let everyone know how much I love them and sorry I have been a little cranky.  Anyone trying to decide on that number 6, just know it was a hard one but as I sit with this precious little girl in my arms,  I would do it all over again. Sorry for the Academy Award Speech I promise my updates won't be so dramatic from now on. Here are a few pics from her first photo shoot.