Thursday, August 20, 2009

Haircut/nap time

With 4 boys in the house, getting a hair cut is quite an expedition.  We take them all in and line em' up for a clean up.  The girls over at Dollar cuts all know them by name.  For some reason every time we go in, Isaac falls asleep.  I think he likes the girls fingers running through his hair.

The reason I had kids

Because they make me laugh!! I must have pasted this box a dozen times,  so I'm not sure how long they were waiting in this box to surprise me.  When I pulled off the blanket I found my two little toe head babies waiting with a thumbs up,  it suddenly made all the grumpy thoughts of laundry and toilets float right out of my mind.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whitney's Solo Believe - April 2009

This year Whit did a solo to a song called Believe.  Her darling dance teacher, Amy Choreographed it for her.  Whitney is amazing at lyrical because she has such beautiful long lines and her turns are flawless.  Another great year Whit scored crowns and these enormous trophies that make her little brothers salivate.  One competition was up at Kingsbury Hall and it was so fun to show her friends her grandparents dressing room.  Congrats Whit!  I love ya baby.
My beautiful girl

Whitney and Amy
By the Neeleman dressing room
Who are those good looking people?

Dance and more Dance - April 2009

Dance Season finally came to an end.  Although we were ready for a break we had a blast!  The girls did AWESOME as usual.  They usually walk away from every competition with a car full of first place - 5 ft high trophies and the satisfaction that all the hard work has paid off.  Whitney and I share the same passion for dance.  When a good song comes on we can barely sit in our seat.  We have so much fun going to the competitions and just spending quality time together.  I am so proud of Whit she has grown into such an amazing beautiful dancer.  Every time she walks onto the stage I start to cry.  Here's to another great year - Way to go girls!

Whit and her girls in Party.
Let it be
I'm just a girl

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Think Pink! - April 2009

My darling friend Candice finally got her girl on number three.  I was so excited for her since I had just been blessed with a little jewel of my own, that we decided to throw her a pink party!  It was such a fun night of food, friends, baby talk and of course the cutest baby girl gifts.  Congrats Candice and Chase.  We love you!

I love anything girly.  We raided Whits room for the decor
Girls just want to have fun
Me and my girl

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So much to blog so little time

So sorry about the disappearing act!  Let's just say that the last 4 months have just been a blur.  I have all the pictures to prove what a crazy circus it's been, but I have had zero time to blog any of the details.   So here we go!  Hold on tight.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Takin' a dip and catchin" some rays ;}

After 2 long days of dancing we headed for the pool to relax and catch some sunshine before we headed back to the dreaded snow storm that was waiting for us.  
My sweet girls.  
Silly girls way too close to teen-hood
Catchin' some rays.  They don't believe me about the sunscreen bit.
Whit and her dance friends