Sunday, April 19, 2009

Takin' a dip and catchin" some rays ;}

After 2 long days of dancing we headed for the pool to relax and catch some sunshine before we headed back to the dreaded snow storm that was waiting for us.  
My sweet girls.  
Silly girls way too close to teen-hood
Catchin' some rays.  They don't believe me about the sunscreen bit.
Whit and her dance friends

In case you were wondering

Ok so at the risk of totally being compared to Patsy Ramsey.  I decided when we out shopping in St. George that Whitney needed a tan because her costume is such a beautiful aqua blue color.  So, I stopped by the local Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up some Sunless tanning airbrush spray.  Whitney was not so amused.  She hasn't realized yet that beauty is painful.  I always tell her that something, whether it be my eyebrows or my feet, always hurts about 90% of the time.  I made her strip down and I spray painted her tiny frame.  I was admiring my work when Whit sat down to put on her toe undies (these little dance pads so you can turn) on and her feet were completely black from turning and stepping on the sunless tan that sprayed on the floor.  So I do what I always do in an emergency situation - I googled.  Well apparently Sally Hansens hair bleach works wonders on bleaching you feet when you have to perform on a stage barefoot.  How did I ever live without the internet??!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girls trip with my girls

Whitney has a dance competition every year is St. George.  So the girls and I packed up the car and headed for some sun.  It was Whitney's first time competing a lyrical solo and she did amazing!  She got a High Gold which the dance world is AWESOME!   My sister Pam was so sweet to hook us up in the sweet 3 bedroom condo.  Thanks Aunt Pam :) It was so fun to get away for a few days with just the girls.  We got Pedicures, watched some dance, ate some yummy food and watched some more dance.  Besides driving home in a horrible snow storm it was a perfect weekend.
Mom and Whit at the dance competition
Sophia already sporting leg warmers
Whitney and her dance teacher Amy