Sunday, April 19, 2009

Takin' a dip and catchin" some rays ;}

After 2 long days of dancing we headed for the pool to relax and catch some sunshine before we headed back to the dreaded snow storm that was waiting for us.  
My sweet girls.  
Silly girls way too close to teen-hood
Catchin' some rays.  They don't believe me about the sunscreen bit.
Whit and her dance friends


Chelle said...

Fun times in 'George'. By the way, your family looked so adorable all decked out in their Easter garb last Sunday!

The Englands said...

seriously how cute is whitney and all her girlfriends! That looks like a ton of fun! I can't wait until Liv gets older to go on fun dance trips like that too!

love your new picture too! how great are your adorable easter outfits!

xoxo, C

Amy Lemmermann said...

Your baby always has the cutest clothes on. If you arent having any more kids and want to sell them... I will buy them from you!!!(since Im having a girl)What a cute family

kellyballard said...

YOU ARE TOO BUSY!!! I have been hoping for an update on your blog and its been forever so all that can mean is that you are barely party queen! hope you are surviving June! love ya - kel