Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whitney's Solo Believe - April 2009

This year Whit did a solo to a song called Believe.  Her darling dance teacher, Amy Choreographed it for her.  Whitney is amazing at lyrical because she has such beautiful long lines and her turns are flawless.  Another great year Whit scored crowns and these enormous trophies that make her little brothers salivate.  One competition was up at Kingsbury Hall and it was so fun to show her friends her grandparents dressing room.  Congrats Whit!  I love ya baby.
My beautiful girl

Whitney and Amy
By the Neeleman dressing room
Who are those good looking people?

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Jam said...

she is sooooo your daughter! WHat a beauty! Love it Lis! When is she going to become a member of STARS and go to school with pink curlers in her hair? :)